How to Activate Mcafee Product Key?

Installing an antivirus in your system is as important as keeping up with the technology. These days, so much data is being shared that there always remains a risk of data compromise. Moreover, new and advanced malicious programs have cropped up which can really harm your computer. At such times, antivirus is a must. Before you install it, you must know the full functioning of antivirus and how you should activate it.

Popular brands like McAfee can be activated in a few simple steps. In fact, installing an antivirus is no tough job at all. But, you must keep in mind that you select the right antivirus for your system.

Things You Should Keep in Mind before Installing Antivirus

Antivirus installation is easy but you must follow certain things to avoid any kind of glitches later.

  •    You must always check whether there is any other security software installed in your system. If there is, you must uninstall it completely. Usually, when there are other programs installed, it prevents your antivirus from being installed or activated completely.
  •    You might be using an older version of the antivirus which you want to use now. First of all, you must check whether the older version is similar to the one you are about to install. If the answer is yes, then, the installer lets you continue with your subscription. If the answer is no, you must remove the older version and then install the new version.
  •    There are two ways on how you can install the program in your system. One way is that you can install it via the web: It is considered the best process to install your antivirus if you do not have a CD drive on your computer. You just need to have a very good internet connection. You can easily install the antivirus like McAfee Activate Product Key using web installation. Another process is via the CD. This is only suitable in case you have a CD drive. So, even if you are having a poor network connection, you are all set to go.

Activation Process of Product Key

While you are going for web installation, you need to unpack your product. The quick start guide contains the activation key. After that, you need to open a web browser and use it to open the install link which will be present on the card. You need to select your country in the next step and type the product key. You can continue using your product as an existing user or create a new account.

However, there are a few things you should keep in mind just like antivirus installation or getting a McAfee MTP Retailcard. You can only use the product activation key once. If you have used it previously, you cannot use it to activate another account. There might be times when you can face some errors even after typing the product key for the first time. In that case, you can try to type the key again.

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